General Terms & Conditions of CoinProX

These general terms and conditions apply to anyone who visits the website or otherwise uses the services of CoinProX.

1. General

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all services of CoinProX. The terms and conditions are accessible to anyone and are included on the website of CoinProX.

1.2 By placing an order, you confirm that you accept the terms & conditions for supply and payment. CoinProX reserves the right to change its supply and/or payment terms & conditions after the duration of the agreement has expired.

Unless agreed to otherwise in writing, any general or specific terms & conditions by third parties will not be acknowledged by Direct.

1.4 CoinProX guarantees that the supplied product fulfills the stipulations of the agreement and meets the specifications mentioned in the offer.

2. Delivery

2.1 Delivery is subject to availability (stock)

2.2 Within the context of the rules on remote purchasing, Direct will process orders at least within 2 business days of order placement. In the event that this is not possible (as a result of the ordered item not being in stock or not being offered anymore) or there is a delay because of some other reason or an order cannot or only partially be fulfilled, the customer will receive notification of this within 1 month after order placement, in which case the customer will have the right to cancel the order at no cost and without being in default.

2.3 CoinProX's delivery obligations will have been met, barring any evidence to the contrary, once the products delivered by Direct have been offered to the buyer once.

2.4 All of the terms (periods of time) mentioned on the website are indicative only. No rights can be derived from the mentioned terms.

3. Pricing

3.1 Prices will not be raised for the duration of the offer, unless legal measures make this necessary.

3.2 All prices mentioned on the site are subject to misprint. Direct does not accept any liability for the consequences of misprints.

3.3 All prices on the site are stated in euros or Canadian dollars.

4. Data management

4.1 Upon placing an order with us, your information will be recorded in CoinProX's customer database. CoinProX complies with the Registration of Persons Act and will not give access to your information to third parties. Read our Privacy policy.

4.2 CoinProX respects the privacy of the users of its website and assures the confidential treatment of your personal information.

5. Warranty and conformity

5.1 CoinProX guarantees that the products and/or services meet the conditions of the agreement, the specifications mentioned in the offer, the reasonable demands of reliability and/or usefulness and fulfill the legal rules and statutory regulations valid on the date of effect of the agreement.

5.2 The buyer is obligated to immediately inspect the delivered goods upon receipt. If it is determined that the delivered goods are wrong, defective or incomplete, the buyer must first report this to Direct by e-mail (before resorting to returning the goods to Direct). Any defective or incorrectly delivered goods can and must be reported in writing to CoinProX at the latest by 2 months after delivery.

5.3 If complaints by the buyer are found to be legitimate by Direct, CoinProX will at its own discretion either replace the goods at no cost or enter into a written agreement with the buyer for compensation, with the understanding that CoinProX's liability, and therefore the compensation of damages, will be restricted to up to the invoice amount for the goods concerned, or alternatively (at Direct's discretion) up to the maximum amount allocated for such a case in CoinProX's liability insurance policy. Any liability of CoinProX for any form of damages is excluded, including additional compensation for damages in any form whatsoever, compensation for indirect damages or consequential damages or lost profits.

5.4 CoinProX is not liable for damages caused by intent or by gross negligence on the part of subordinate personnel members.

5.5 This guarantee does not apply if: A) and as long as the buyer is in default towards CoinProX; B) the delivered goods were exposed to unusual circumstances or were otherwise not treated properly or handled in conflict with the instructions of CoinProX; C) the defect is entirely or partially the consequence of statutory conditions stipulated or to be stipulated by the government in relation to the nature or quality of the product or service.

6. Offers

6.1 All offers are at no obligation, unless stated otherwise in the offer.

6.2 Upon acceptance of a no-obligation offer by the buyer, Direct reserves the right to withdraw or deviate from the offer within 3 days after receipt of the acceptance.

6.3 Oral commitments only obligate CoinProX after these have first been explicitly confirmed in writing.

6.4 Offers by CoinProX do not automatically also apply to repeat orders.

6.5 CoinProX cannot be obligated to adhere to its offer if the buyer should have understood that the offer, or a part thereof, contained an apparent mistake or misprint.

6.6 Additions, amendments and/or supplemental agreements are only valid if agreed to in writing.

7. Agreement

7.1 An agreement between CoinProX and a customer will be entered into after the payment had been transacted by the buyer.

7.2 CoinProX reserves the right to reject orders without providing a reason.

8. Force majeure

8.1 CoinProX will not be liable if and insofar as its commitments cannot be fulfilled as a result of force majeure.

8.2 Force majeure shall be understood to mean any foreign cause, as well as any situation, which within reason aught to not be attributed to CoinProX. Delays or unsatisfactory performance by our suppliers, interruptions in internet, power and e-mail disruptions, equipment and technology supplied by third parties, transport options, workplace strikes, government actions, supply delays, negligence by Direct's suppliers and/or manufacturers as well as help personnel, staff absence due to illness, lacking work or transport resources all explicitly count as force majeure.

8.3 In the event of force majeure, CoinProX reserves the right to suspend its obligations and will have the right to wholly or partially dissolve the agreement, or to require that the content of the agreement is changed such that execution is still possible. Direct will never be required to pay any fine or compensation for damages.

8.4 If CoinProX has partially fulfilled its obligations, or can only partially fulfill its obligations, at the time of commencement of the force majeure, CoinProX has the right to invoice the already delivered/to be delivered part separately, and the buyer will be required to pay this invoice as if it was a separate contract. This does not apply however if the already delivered/to be delivered part does not have value on its own.

9. Liability

9.1 CoinProX is not liable for damages caused to objects by improper use of the goods or services. Read the terms and conditions, FAQs and the privacy policy prior to use.

10. Applicable law/competent judge

10.1 All agreements are subject to Dutch law.

10.2 Any disputes arising from an agreement between CoinProX and the buyer which cannot be settled in mutual negotiation will be heard by the competent judge within the jurisdiction of Veghel, unless CoinProX prefers to present the dispute before the competent judge in the city of residence of the buyer, with the exception of those disputes that fall under the competence of the district court judge.

11. Buying cryptocurrencies

The market rates of the cryptocurrencies fluctuate; the values vary at any given moment. CoinProX does not guarantee the future value of any cryptocurrency in any way.

11.2 CoinProX uses current market rates. These can vary at any given moment.

11.3 Always enter your own address when buying cryptocurrencies. By entering an address that is not your own, you do so entirely at your own risk.

11.4 A processed payment is not reversible. It is your own responsibility to enter in all the required information correctly.

11.5 In the event of suspicion of abuse or fraud, CoinProX reserves the right to suspend transactions until the legitimacy of the transaction has been verified.

12. Selling cryptocurrencies

12.1 The market rates of cryptocurrencies fluctuate; the value can vary at any given moment. CoinProX uses the current rate at the time of payment. This may differ from an indication given previously.

12.2 The coins must be received within 15 minutes after the offer. If not, they will be returned and no pay-out will take place.

12.3 Pay-out typically takes place on the same business day that all coins have been received (at most within 2 business days thereafter). For larger transactions (from 10,000 Euros), we recommend you to contact us.

12.4 Providing the correct information for receiving pay-outs is your own responsibility. Any damages incurred as a result of the incorrect entering of this information will not be compensated by CoinProX.

12.5 You declare that the coins you are offering have been legitimately acquired and that no input tax has been deducted from them.

12.6 You declare to be the owner of the bank account number or Paypal account provided by you and to have truthfully entered all the required information.

12.7 In the event of suspicion of abuse or fraud, CoinProX reserves the right to suspend transactions until the legitimacy of the transaction has been verified.

12.8 You must send the coins to the address specified by us. We will transact your pay-out as soon as possible after we have received all confirmations and all the coins.

12.9 A processed payment is not reversible. It is your own responsibility to enter in all the required information correctly

13. Validation
CoinProX aims to make the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies as easy and fast as possible. Unfortunately, this is sometimes also abused to commit fraud or money laundering. In order to guarantee the continuity of our business operations, it is therefore highly important that fraud and money laundering is deterred. To achieve this we have implemented (amongst other measures) the following rules:

13.1 CoinProX will not accept cash payments.

13.2 CoinProX reserves the right to initiate an investigation in the event of suspicion of fraud or laundering. CoinProX may request information to verify your identity.

13.3 In the event of confirmation of fraud or laundering, the transaction will be immediately frozen and this will in all cases be reported to the authorities or relevant parties.

14. Bancontact/Giropay/Sofort

14.1 Orders over 50 Euros require text verification.

14.2 When multiple orders totaling over 50 Euros are placed within 24 hours from a single bank account number, text verification is required.

14.3 When multiple orders totaling over 50 Euros are placed within 24 hours to a single cryptocurrency address, text verification is required

14.4 Text verification is intended as a threshold for criminals. You will be asked to provide your cell phone number so that we can send you a code; you then have to enter the code on the website. The code is sent immediately by text and does not cost you anything. We only use the telephone numbers in the event of suspicion of fraud or other criminal activities. The telephone numbers are automatically removed if there is no question of money laundering or fraud.